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The manufacture of Natural Latex Mattresses

With a lot of experience and a sure eye for the best natural quality, we manufacture natural mattresses and toppers for the comforting pleasure of sleep!
... delivered to your home free of charge.

In addition, there are air-conditioning comforters and pillows for your natural place to sleep.
Take your time and rest for your best bed. We will be happy to answer your questions.
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Our natural latex mattresses collection

Natural latex deluxe series.

The all-rounder among the natural latex mattresses.
114,17,20 … fine for any body.

The mattress configurator

Core, hardness, cover and climate insert... entirely to your individual needs optimized.

Purity, ecology, sustainability and quality are our guiding principles.

We select our materials with great competence and high standards.

Our natural latex mattresses are made by hand in Germany.

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Ecological products are our principle.
That is why we have no bad compromises in our assortment.
The raw materials of our mattresses /. FUTONs are basically
natural origin, all textiles from controlled organic cultivation. All materials are tested by the ECO Institute or designated as 'certified organic'.

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Many people turn to us for acute problems. This is unfortunately normal, because they let too long time pass, until they once again approve a new mattress or lie on an inferior cheap mattress that does not meet their needs.
We can solve most of these problems quite easily, with good product quality and fair advice. Here you can get important info about sleep.

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Knowledge, experience, empathy and fairness are the fundamentals that we bring to the consultation. In conjunction with our assortment, this leads to the greatest customer satisfaction. What criteria play a role in buying the right mattress? Personal, product-specific, the price...

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Fine topper - pure nature

The professional bed optimizers for your comfortable sleeping pleasure

Topper mit Naturlatex

Topper-Natural latex

For selectively supported lying the ideal complement to your sleep system.

Topper with Horsehair


Gently makes the surface of your bed place a little more stable and air-conditioned.

Natural topper with Peat wool

Topper-Peat wool

It warms you by reminding your body of its own warming function.

Topper with Virgin wool

Topper-Virgin wool

For a balanced sleeping climate and pleasant hygienic place to sleep.

Fine topper - pure nature

The professional bed optimizers for your comfortable sleeping pleasure

Our solid wood beds collection

A new mattress with one of our beautiful solid wood beds?
At Neonatura always with 4% bed complete discount*.

A new mattress with one of our beautiful solid wood beds? At Neonatura always with 4% bed complete discount*.

natural & useful

Comforters, pillows, sleep systems... everything for a hygienic and cozy bed.

Bed linen

Exclusive selection - organic bedding IVN BEST certified

Bed linen


Climatically balanced sleeping place with natural fibers


Special offers

Returns or exhibits... always as good as new...

Special offers

Sleeping Systems

Combination of slatted frame, mattress and climate topper...

Sleeping Systems

natural & useful


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Our delivery services

We deliver most of our mattresses with our own cars, cleanly and on time. Delivery within Germany is free of charge for our customers. This includes delivery to the doorstep. Even more convenient with our assembly service, cleaning service and the disposal of old beds and mattresses. (Only available in Germany and Switzerland) More about our delivery services.

Certified products - Best price!

We make 100% natural mattresses - always handmade by us and always at the best price! Our products are certified by ECO Institute. For this we give our BEST PRICE PLUS guarantee.

Of course our products are certified by the eco Institut.

More natural mattresses from the manufacture

Fancy more natural products for a good night's sleep? Then visit also our Futonwerk-Shop.
Here you can learn everything about futons - powerful natural mattresses from the manufactory - 100% nature & 100% sleeping comfort.