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Decent natural mattressesdirectly from our manufactory to you — at the very best price. Supplementary, we offer reliable solid wood beds, climatizing duvets, and many other sustainable articles for a natural sleeping place. Take the time to calmly root around for the right products, for your best bed, for your comfortable sleeping pleasure. It is worth it for sure! Do you have questions about the natural sleeping place or about sleep in general? Do not hesitate to contact us, our team is available in writing or by telephone.
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We produce 100% natural mattresses — always handcrafted by us, for your good night's sleep — always at the best price! Our products are certified by the ECO Institut.
Three factors are important to us:
1. Mattresses are made from 100% natural materials.
2. High-quality and sustainable natural mattresses at a fair price.
3. The right mattress for your individual requirements.

We work hard for that, buy the best natural materials, ecological, pollutant controlled (ECO certified) , and functionally optimized for high quality and long durability. This is how we create sustainability. We manufacture each of our natural mattresses individually and according to your needs, inform you in detail about each product and also advice you personally, so that nothing goes wrong and can find the right mattress for yourself.
Because if you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied either and will improve or take your mattress back. We deliver the majority of our mattresses with our won trucks, neat and punctually. And to make the whole procedure of buying a mattress as easy as possible, and persuade you to buy a good natural mattress, our products are always remarkably low-priced.

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Do you already know our FUTON natural mattresses?

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Here you will find information about high-quality FUTON natural mattresses with natural rubber core, Alpenland new wool, cotton, horsehair, or coconut fibers from our own production — 100% nature and 100% sleeping comfort at a fair price.