Natural mattresses made from 100% pure natural latex

Natural latex mattresses in the highest
quality - directly from the manufacturer
- at the best price

bed with natural latex mattress


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Multi-bed discount

on the entire

With a lot of experience and a sure eye for the best natural quality we manufacture.
Natural latex mattresses and toppers in organic quality - for your comfortable sleeping pleasure

Functional advantages of
natural latex mattresses

Body support

Due to its molecular structure, pure natural latex offers enormous elasticity, which provides the best possible body support. Different zones are not necessary - we use the best natural best natural latex in original Dunlop monozone technology.

Sleeping climate

Natural materials such as virgin wool, horsehair or organic cotton naturally provide natural diffusion, no moisture and no heat. Experience comfortable, dry sleeping climate, in winter as well as in summer.


Natural latex mattresses made from 100% natural rubber have a 50% longer life span than conventional mattresses. This means for you 15-20 years long pleasure from your natural latex mattress.


Natural latex is a renewable raw material whose processing runs with little chemical input. In addition, the enormous useful life and its cover of natural materials. Our natural mattresses are among the most sustainable products in the home.

Natural mattresses natural latex deluxe series

3 latex core types for firm, balanced or luxurious Being worn.
3 covers for slightly warmer, balanced or cooler bed climate.
Selected organic quality for every type of sleeper, in every size.


Naturlatex Deluxe - 14cm

Until ≈ 80 kg Body weight

Lying feeling: firm


Naturlatex Deluxe - 17cm

Until ≈ 90 kg Body weight / p.P.

Reclining feeling: Medium


Naturlatex Deluxe - 20cm

Until ≈ 130 kg Body weight / p.P.

Reclining feeling: Medium +


3 natural rubber cores and
3 organic covers to choose from.

What sets us apart:
A professionally
competent advice

Ecological products are our principle.
That is why we have no bad compromises in our assortment.
The raw materials of our mattresses /. FUTONs are basically
natural origin, all textiles from controlled organic cultivation. All materials are tested by the ECO Institute or designated as 'certified organic'.

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Many people turn to us for acute problems. This is unfortunately normal, because they let too long time pass, until they once again approve a new mattress or lie on an inferior cheap mattress that does not meet their needs.
We can solve most of these problems quite easily, with good product quality and fair advice. Here you can get important info about sleep.

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Knowledge, experience, empathy and fairness are the fundamentals that we bring to the consultation. In conjunction with our assortment, this leads to the greatest customer satisfaction. What criteria play a role in buying the right mattress? Personal, product-specific, the price...

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Do you need a personal consultation? Use our
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With the mattress configurator to the individual natural mattress

Make a natural mattress with natural latex core individually according to your needs together.

1. Core

Choose the latex core to suit your body weight and your desired desired lying feeling.

2. Cover

An individual cover regulates the nightly climate and determines the the cuddle factor.

3. Accessories

Climate inserts, stabilizing inserts,
Organic satin or molleton protectors.

...for more power in everyday life

Examples from our mattress configurator


Gently on top, firmly to the center

KM15 Multi

Softer outside, firm inside


Strong & Firm

KR 15 Horsehair

Climate active surface

We extend our previous discounts on beds and sofa beds to include
all items from our range with a discount on your total purchase value*.

Rabattaktionen Neonatura

Multi-bed discount

A natural bed offers real added value and the more components are
based on natural materials, the better it is for
man and the environment.

4% from 1.500 €*     6% from 2.000 €*     8% from 2.500 €*

Browse our futons and beds and treat yourself to beautiful
favorite products such as a cozy warm camel fluff bedspread, the finest
organic satin bedding... for your holistic natural bed.
+3% Discount for payment method advance bank transfer.

*Not combinable with student, lover, artist and social discount.
Reference value is the gross purchase value of all items before discounts, cash discounts and logistics fees.

Rabattaktion Neonatura

A natural bed offers real added value.
The more components are based on natural
materials, the better it is for
for people and the environment.

That's why we extend our previous discounts
on beds, sofa beds and all items from our range
with a discount on your total purchase value*.

*Not combinable with student, lover,
artist and social discount. Reference value is the
gross purchase value of all items before discounts,
cash discounts and logistics flat rates.

Topper from natural materials

pressure relieving & air conditioning

  • Natural latex and virgin wool
  • Horse tail hair and organic cotton
  • Peat and merino wool
  • Flax fiber and merino virgin wool
Find topper

Organic bedding from fine natural materials

Cozy comforters, air-conditioning bed linen made of organic cotton, as well as pillows for a relaxed neck or
Neck or mattress covers for your natural sleeping place. In beds from pure and fine
natural materials babies, children and adults sleep equally healthy and restful.

Bed linen

First class bedding organic & fair


Duvets made of natural fibers such as camel fluff or virgin sheep's wool.


Pillows made of merino wool, horsehair, latex flakes and more.

Fitted sheets

Heat regulating in jersey, beaver or satin - 100% organic

Wide range of solid wood beds

Beautiful beds made of real wood will transform your bedroom into a natural oasis.

Service offers from Neonatura

Media library

On the Neonatura Youtube channel we inform you regularly about products and give you tips on choosing and buying them - for natural natural sleep with added value.


Take advantage of our expert advice to find the best for you natural mattress for you. Our consultants have decades of experience with mattresses.

Showroom on site

Come by for a test lie-down and let us advise you personally advice:

Neonatura GmbH Wulfshofstr. 20 44149 Dortmund

The Neonatura philosophy

natural, ecological, sustainable

Purity, ecology, sustainability, and quality are our guiding principles. We select our materials with great competence and high standards. We have been manufacturing our natural latex mattresses by hand in Germany by hand in Germany for over 30 years.

The ECO Institute tests according to the guidelines of the quality association latex mattresses with the strictest test parameters for harmful substances. harmful substances.
Open certificate

We are involved in the International Association of the Association of the Natural Textile Industry IVN and are actively involved in implementing criteria for organic textile products.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is the world's leading label for for organic cotton. Our textiles are certified according to the GOTS criteria for organic cotton from controlled organic cultivation.

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