Natural Latex Mattress

A natural latex mattress has a core of natural latex which is made from natural rubber. Because there is no formal
defition of the term natural latex, many natural latex mattresses are sold with a natural latex content of 85% or less, sometimes as low as 30%.

Usually synthetic latex is added along with extenders like lime / chalk; this is done in order to make the material
more brittle and therefore easier to process. Such additions disrupt the special molecular structure of natural latex,
which makes it so uniquely elastic, so point elastic. We work only with 100% pure natural material which only contains the required 3-5% chemicals - mainly sulfates - that are used to create the unique consistence.


Aside of the extreme elasticity that offers an almost perfect body adjustment,
natural latex mattresses have the advantage of being very durable,
because the core is more sturdy due to its extreme elasticity.
A pure natural latex mattress therefore lasts about 50% longer than
conventional mattresses of similar pricing.

The ecological value of the natural latex mattress is also much superior
to any synthetic product, because the resource is renewable and the
hull of a good natural latex mattress is made of compostable natural

The unusual elasticity leads to the expected body adjustment that provides room for all contours and each movement throughout the night. A multi-zone-segmentation as commonly found in cold foam mattress isn't needed for natural latex mattress, at most in the shoulder area.

We offer some of the best natural latex mattresses and with the help of the descriptions or a quick, personal consultation with us surely one that is perfect for you ... and in any case the most inexpensive.

Here you will get to our natural latex mattresses.

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