Finding the right mattress

Which criteria play a role?

  • Personal: Your weight, height, age, sleeping and lying habits, physical deficits, place, and nature of the sleeping place, preferences and characteristics, whether you are cold or like to cuddle, get up at night, tend to be tensed, etc.
  • Product-specific: the type of mattress, the origin (processing), the material (quality), i.e. how and what the mattress is made of, whether it is handmade and made of high-quality materials.
  • The price ... decides whether a ''rounded feeling'' is created at the end of the purchase.

Your advisor should have a lot of experience with the subject, be familiar with different materials and products so that he can take all criteria into account appropriately, and apply them to your needs. With sufficient expertise and empathy, he or she can then determine the right product for you and give you a safe and fair recommendation.

Knowledge, experience, empathy and fairness are the foundations we offer in our consultation.
In combination with our product range, this leads to the highest customer satisfaction. And if we are wrong with a recommendation, we immediately fix it or take the products back.

To find your best mattress, you need a lot of information.
On our pages, you will not find marketing slogans, but profound information assembled to the best of our knowledge and belief.
Some useful tips can be found on our page about sleeping for example.

Our Mattress Finder - the mattress configurator helps you to make your choice.

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For a written product recommendation, please fill out our consultation form.
And in this case, the clearer your description, the more precise our recommendation..

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