Natural Latex Mattresses from Neonatura

7 reasons why our mattresses are recommendable:

  1. Because we select our materials with great competence and high standards: purity, ecological properties, sustainability, quality are our guiding principles.
  2. Because our natural latex mattresses are manufactured here in Germany, by us and by hand.
  3. Because our natural latex is made of pure natural rubber without synthetic polymers or fillers.
  4. Because our products stay good for a very long time, meaning you can rely on it for a long time.
  5. Because our natural mattresses are strictly tested for pollutants and use an organic cotton cover.
  6. Because our materials - whether the natural latex cores, the natural fibers or covers - are manufactured with modern technology and always in best quality.
  7. Because our mattresses are fitted with fine wool in Alpine quality that provides a good sleeping climate and bed hygiene.

(There are occasional reports of spontaneous, exceptionally long sleeping sessions and cuddle attacks. We assume no liability!)

What makes mattresses made of natural latex so special ...

  1. The extraordinary elasticity / point elasticity creates optimal body adaptation.
  2. And stability: the high material density offers solid supporting force.
  3. As well as durability: because of the elasticity and stability of the material, natural latex mattresses of our quality last a long longer than conventional mattresses with the same price.
  4. Natural latex is a renewable resource. That's why it has an excellent life cycle assessment compared to foam / cold foam.
  5. Thanks to different firmness types (degrees of hardness), almost everyone finds their perfect natural mattress at Neonatura.
    We control this by using density as well as additional, firming fibers like horsehair or coconut.

Feel free to take your time to look around our pages and ask us anytime if you need advice.