Sleeping System

Sleeping systems - slatted frame, mattress & topper from Ergovlex

3-level comfort with individual variations.

Sleep System Ergovlex - for anatomically perfect, deep, relaxing and intensive sleep and days full of energy. And at the same time you are going easy on your budget by choosing the Ergovlex Sleep System. We have created Ergovlex based on those aspects. And after years of having proven its quality and with its new, optimized version, we can safely say: nobody needs more bed quality than this..

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The ERGOVLEXsystem consists of the slatted frame ERGOVLEX L, the ERGOVLEX mattress and the ERGOVLEX climatic topper. TheERGOVLEX Basis Basis creates a suitable base in case your bed has no side support rails.
And with the right blanket and pillow, you can complete your personal sleeping pleasure.
If you are not sure what is best for you, ask us via email, telephone, or contact form.

ergoVlex - Schlafsystem Bestandteile


The right pillow is the jewel of a sleeping system.


The right duvet completes the bed climate and thus your personal sleeping pleasure.

1 ERGOVLEX climate topper

The Topper is the climate zone of the bed, it regulates humidity and temperature for a dry, hygienic bed climate.

2 ERGOVLEX mattress

Consists of 100% pure natural latex, with perfect body adaptation to relax in any position.

3 ERGOVLEX slatted frames

L - The original is suitable for most people, shoulder comfort and deluxe for special needs.


The inexpensive solution for beds without support rails.

1 Ergovlex Climate - Topper

Height: 3-8 cm, Weight: 3-7 kg/qm

2 Ergovlex Base Mattress

Height: 10 cm, Weight: ca. 8,5 kg/qm

3 Ergovlex Slatted Frame

Height: 9 cm

4 Ergovlex Vlex - Base

Height: 4 cm

ergoVlex Sleep System Technical Details

ergoVlex L - Deluxe

ERGOVLEX L - The original

is suitable for almost every type of sleeper. The 37 specially cut spring wood slats on the upper side create a unique contour adjustment. The slats on the upper side transfer the punctual load to the natural latex buffers, which carry in a highly elastic way; this interaction creates a floating feeling. Any excessive weight is then transferred to the central buffer or the second row of slats. By this, every movement is absorbed in four stages and you are gently carried through the night.


Height: 9 cm
Width: From 70 - 140 cm
Length: From 200 - 220 cm


Wood: Laminated beechwood with natural surface
Textile: Cotton cushion support: Natural latex and latexed coconut fiber

ergoVlex L - Shoulder Comfort

ERGOVLEX L - Shoulder Comfort

also offers an extra adaptive zone in the shoulder area, clearly noticeable and important, and correct for people with shoulder sensitivity.

ergoVlex L - Deluxe


impresses with its quality of detail, such as oiled slats, shoulder comfort zone, lumbar buffers - this is the finest and most comfortable way of cushioning a mattress.

Vlex - Base

A 4 cm thick wooden frame, for beds without appropriate support slats, to support the Ergovlex L. Ergovlex L slatted frame. Ergovlex Basis is functional and inexpensive.


Height: 4 cm
Width: 70 - 140 cm
Length: 200 - 220 cm


Beech plywood

The Vlex-Basis is simply laid on the support possibilities of the bed and thus creates a continuous support surface for the Ergovlex slatted frames.

ergoVlex - Base

ergoVlex L - Deluxe

Ergovlex Mattress

100% pure natural latex in different degrees of hardness, for different types of sleepers/bodies. For most people, we recommend the model TWIN 5 /combi, made of two latex layers of 5 cm each with different firmness degrees. That makes 10 cm of natural latex power with change options, depending on your state of health. Alternatively: TWIN 5 /fixed for heavy people / firm sleepers or TWIN 5 /soft, for heavy people or hard sleepers or TWIN 5 /soft, for light people or soft sleepers.


Height: 10cm
Width: From 80 - 120 cm
Length: From 200 - 220 cm


100 % natural latex in a pure cotton (organic/GOTS), removable/washable.

Matratzen Kern

Cross-section / Natural latex

Always made of two layers of natural latex of 5cm each.

TWIN 5 /soft: 10cm, medium soft, RG75
for light, sensitive people.

TWIN 5 /solid: 10cm, extra firm, RG87
for heavy people/belly sleepers.

TWIN 5 /combi: 5+5cm, medium soft/extra firm, RG75/87
for different situations / seasons.

ergoVlex Climate Topper


The sleeping place needs a climate zone that regulates the humidity balance, which ensures the temperature and thus the nightly well-being. The Climate Topper is a separate pad that you can choose according to your individual needs, ventilate easily, or replace, if necessary. Each of our Climate Toppers is of highest natural efficiency. There are 7 different models - the right topper for every sleeping type.


Width: From 80 - 200 cm
Length: From 200 - 220 cm

ergovlex - Klima Topper

Cross Section

(Figure pictured here: natural latex; Other options under topper)


Cover: Organic cotton (GOTS)

  • Organic cotton - creates a great bed climate, is wonderfully gentle to the touch, but becomes firmer, needs occasional sunbathing.
  • Merino sheep’s wool (Alpenland quality) - the mother of all toppers ensures gentle pressure relief and a perfect climate, needs lots of fresh air.
  • horsehair - strong, curled tail hair is elastic and stable at the same time, covered with fine organic cotton. makes a great bed climate.
  • natural latex - covered in virgin wool, in solid or sensitive, makes every surface better, in the Ergovlex system an expansion of the load-bearing capacity even for heavy people or those in need of comfort.
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The beauty of your bed depends entirely on you. You can lie on the floor or in a four-poster bed, with lots of colorful sheets and pillows draped around it, or whitewashed was and parquet flooring. Just the way you feel comfortable. What is necessary for a good night’s sleep can easily be is said: a good mattress, a good blanket, and the right pillow(s). If you chose the Ergovlex sleeping system, you are almost finished. What is missing now is a duvet that protects you and keeps you ate the right temperature, and a suitable pillow. We are happy to help you with this as well.



    The duvet protects and shelters us, but also has an important technical function at night. It regulates the temperature of our sleeping place. It should keep us warm and regulate the moisture balance. Naturally, natural fiber blankets can do this best. However, a blanket alone cannot accompany us through all climatic periods. Therefore the 4-Seasons Combi is advisable because it is basically 3 blankets in one.


    Some people need a thick, soft one, others a thin, hard one. Nothing is more difficult than choosing a pillow, because the head is the most sensitive part of the body. We believe that everyone should have at least two pillows to change according to their mood. That is why we also try to make pillows as inexpensive as possible to make choosing easier.

    Configure My Sleep System

    What are the advantages of the Ergovlex sleep system?

    The sleeping system is based on the idea of optimizing body adaptation by combining materials and / or techniques. With perfect adaptation to the body contour of the sleeper, the feeling of relief and the resulting relaxation is all the greater.

    In the Ergovlex Natural Sleeping System, the doubling effect is achieved by the natural latex mattress on the top providing very fine, selective adjustment and support, and the slat base additionally tracing the contours of the body, which creates a noticeable complementary relief, especially in the area of the hips and shoulders. This enables sensitive people to fall asleep extremely comfortably, especially in the side position.

    Due to the distribution of the adjustment on both components, a good lying stability is ensured, despite the basic feeling of soft lying. The Ergovlex natural sleeping system makes use of the perfect elasticity of natural latex, combining it with a particularly cozy and comfortable cover and the interaction of special wooden slats, which in turn rest on natural latex.

    Ergovlex occupies an outstanding position in the multitude of sleep systems, especially among the high-level natural sleep systems, due to its extremely favorable price.