What is a topper and what is it needed for?

A natural topper, just like a conventional topper, is an overlay for a mattress that can increase individual sleeping comfort. The topper changes the contact comfort. iIf it is puffy soft, the support pressure becomes lower. However, the ergonomic position also changes, and not always to the advantage.

Trade standard toppers have become the focus of the German bed landscape mainly due to the increasing sale of box spring beds. Leider sind diese Topper in den allerwenigsten Fällen von gehobener Qualität, weil in der Regel die einfachsten synthetischen Materialien verbaut werden. A natural topper, on the other hand, consists of natural materials such as virgin wool, natural latex, cotton...

100% Natural Topper from Neonatura

Toppers from Neonatura are made of pure natural materials, in handcrafted fine quality and as gentle on the material as possible. Natural topper - "Made in Dortmund". This means that we leave the natural fibers and horsehair in their original state and gently stitch them together with a classic thread stitching or, for the stronger versions, with a button stitching. Our natural toppers are regularly inspected by the ECO Institut geprüft and certified.

Naturtopper auf Matratze

Natural Topper on a natural latex mattress.

100% Natural content in organic cotton cover (GOTS).
The thread, button stitching prevents slippage of the natural fleece, which is not compressed at the beginning.

Topper mit Fadenheftung

Thread stitching

Natur-Topper mit Knopfheftung

Button stitching

Topperproduktion in der Manufaktur

Hand production in the manufactory

maschinelle Naturtopper-Produktion

Machine button stitching

4 Natural Toppers in organic quality from our collection

Topper with Natural Latex

Topper Natural Latex

For selectively supported lying.
Also the ideal complement to your sleep system. The super-elastic natural latex- Topper raises the lying height by 8-9 cm and refines the sleeping climate with 2x 1000g fine virgin sheep's wool.

Topper with Horsehair

Topper Horsehair

The climate topper horsehair is strong and gently makes the surface of your bed place a little more stable. Finely sorted horse tail hair, refined with delicate organic cotton, has a very good elasticity and at the same time has a very climate-active effect, which reduces sweating in bed.

Topper with Virgin Wool

Topper Virgin Wool

Strong merino sheep wool creates an excellent sleeping climate and prepares a pleasant and hygienic, dry place to sleep. A gentle pressure relief, especially for light people is the cuddly effect.

Basic information about toppers

The unadulterated padding is good for the sleeping climate and good for the comfort of lying.
Initially, all natural toppers are soft and cuddly. Toppers with rubber let you sink in more and remain permanently pliable. Pure natural fiber toppers, especially with horsehair, firm up over time and provide increasing stability.

Which natural topper is the right one for your bed situation is best clarified in a personal phone call. We will be happy to refine the sleeping comfort together with you.

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