We want to make it easier to sleep well.

We have basically fair prices, through direct sales without intermediate trade. In addition there is a respectable discount for payment by bank transfer. Then we have a few small discounts, for one or the other. And finally there is our free delivery service.

Automatic Discounts Discount rate
Bank transfer in advance 3% Discount
Quantity Discount (from 3 mattresses per order) 4%
More-Bed Discount: (4% from €1,500, 6% from €2,250; 8% from €3,000 on total order) 4, 6, 8%

Discounts with discount code:DiscountCode
Discount for regular customers 4% 335S545K
Pick Up Discount 4.5% SELBSTABHOLER

*Discount for lovers (on the first common mattress, from 140 cm) 3% 335V545R
*Student- and Trainee Discount (on the first mattress) 3% 335S545T
*Social Discount (on a bed up to 200 cm wide; mattress/slatted frames) 5% On Request

Insert the code in the voucher field (shopping cart) and confirm it in the comment field or by email.
* These types of discounts cannot be combined with one another and do not apply for special offers. Discounts for students and lovers apply only once per customer for one mattress.

The social discount is aimed at anyone who would like to sleep naturally but does not have the financial reserves in the current situation and can briefly explain why you would like to claim the discount. Bullet points suffice ('single parent' for example).

Regular customer is who has already bought a mattress at Neonatura.
Self-collection pick up their goods in the showroom.

*Lovers send us a photo that we do not save.
*Students please mail us your matriculation.

*Trainees please mail us the first page of your contract.

Note on discount calculation

It is not always that easy to understand the discounts shown in the order. This is due to the order in which the discount is deducted (discount for bank transfer in advance, for example, is only deducted at the very end after all other discounts). Some (promotional) discounts also generally exclude the combination with other discounts. Ask us if you can't understand your discount.