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Always natural. Always qualitative. Always inexpensive. And our own house products – always unbeatable.
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Sleep Systems
Finely balanced combination of a slatted frame, mattress and climate topper, with depth effect ... for an intensive sleep.
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Bed slats
The content of a mattress is meant to be functional and meaningful and as homogeneous as possible, i.e. evenly stable or elastic across the whole surface.
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Duvets with breathable fabric and natural fibers, stabilizing pillows, warming bed sheets and bedding made of organic cotton.
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Bed Frames
A question of personal taste ... here you will find a variety of solid and well designed solid wood beds.
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Special Offers
We sometimes offer display items, items from wrongful orders or discontinued models at special prices.
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Useful accessories to improve the functionality or comfort of the sleeping place.
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A selection of toppers made of natural materials of selected and powerful quality to bring a comfortable, dry and healthy climate to your sleeping place.
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A climatically balanced sleeping place requires a duvet made of natural fibers - well tempered, dry, cozy. Wool, camel hair, cashmere, silk and cotton, for summer, winter and the whole year.
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The head is our sensory central. We should bed it soft and stable - in good position, on fine quality and best natural.
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Mattress covers
Sometimes we have exhibits, wrong orders or discontinued models at special prices.
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Bed linen
A small selection of beautiful organic bed linen that fully meets our quality standards: IVN BEST certified. Fabrics: Jersey, Edellinon, Edelbiber, Satin
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Fitted sheet
Fluffy soft fitted sheets in beaver quality - cool, firm satin quality - 100% organic cotton (organic, IVN BEST).
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Futons & Futon Beds
Luxurious and firm futons made of
pure natural fibers can be found at
our allied brand FUTONWERK.