Natural Mattress

A natural mattress is made of natural materials. These are usually quite pollution-free and especially offer a great diffusion. As a result, a natural latex mattress offers a dry, hygienic and therefore healthy sleeping climate. The usual materials used within natural mattresses are wool, cotton, horsehair, coconut, linen, turf, straw and natural latex. Although incorrect, some mattresses that only include some natural components (a cover made of cotton or a wool/horsehair inlay) are sometimes referred to as natural mattresses. The local natural mattress originates from the horsehair or straw mattress which is ususally covered by wool. In the Asian area it is usually cotton, coconut and also straw from which natural mattresses were made.

Aberrations like spring core or later foam only entered the market in the second half of the 20th century and were spread due to their price after World War 2. The lying feel on a classic natural mattress is relatively firm. However, the natural latex that marks the area of natural mattresses today offers a good variety from soft to firm. The modern reputation of the natural mattress as being special contradicts the natural requirements of healthy sleep.

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