Natural Sleeping Comfort

Ecological products are our philosophy.

That's why we don't have any bad compromises in our product range. The raw materials of our mattresses / futons are of natural origin, partly from controlled organic cultivation.

All materials are tested by the ECO Institute according to QuL** guidelines or marked as 'controlled organic'.

We know our suppliers well and trust them, allowing us to tell you about the process of creation in detail and to have an influence on it if it helps improve the product.

There is a bit of a difference between 'organic' and 'ecological' that we like to keep in mind as good as we can. An organic product doesn't necessarily have to be ecological and an ecological product doesn't necessarily have to be organic*. (The papaya from Equador is 'organic', but because of its long transportation route not 'ecological', just like Bavarian milk products found in super markets in Northern Germany. Natural rubber from Eastern Asia isn't 'organic', but - despite the long transportation distance - due to the good life cycle assessment very much ecological.)

Neonatura Natural Sleeping Comfort

Our materials:

Natural latex is - despite the long transportation route and the complex manufacturing technology - considered ecologically good, because the material a) is a renewable resource that grows without much effort,
b) has a very long lifespan and c) is neutral in terms of disposal. This leads to a good life cycle assessment, much better than, for example, that of foam materials. More on the material latex .
Cotton should come from controlled organic cultivation since the classic cultivation in monoculture regions with little water leads to an ecological disaster ***. The long transportation route of the cotton is evened out by its high value in use. We mostly have organic cotton products. More on the material cotton .
We generally process domestic wool from German and Austrian sheep of small sheep farm associations, or simply put: Alpine quality. This material corresponds to our principles in every way. More to the material Schurwolle .
Coconut fiber is a generally clean material that is formed as a waste product of coconut harvesting and considered highly ecologically favourable. Coconut fiber is also untreated, because the material is resistant to insects by natura - but still checked for pollutants by us regardless. More to the material coconut .
Horsehair is similar to coconut fiber is terms of the ecological aspect. Its long transportation route is evened out by its great value in use and its easy processing. More to the material Rosshaar .
As textile manufacturers, wood is harder to assess for us - especially because it's harder to check for the compliance of guidelines. We make sure that the products that we offer are primarily made of German wood and by German manufactory or at least European and mark our products accordingly.

* Our sewing threads are, for instance, made of polyamide, because it's more durable than cotton thread - especially in terms of processing. That's important, because otherwise a lot of valuable material would be damaged, for example when a thread breaks during quilting. It's not 'organic', but ecologically reasonable as the amount - and thereby the residues - of 'poly' is very low, but the usefulness very high. The same applies to the zippers.

** QuL is the quality association for environmentally-agreeable latex mattresses, founded in 1996 to provide sustainable testing criteria for a natural and ecological audience. Today, these criteria are the hardest and most sustainable in our area. We are no longer member of the QuL (why: here), but still work according to those criteria.

*** It is important to us to draw attention to this subject and to educate people on the matter. That's why we point out these things at here and there ... more on the matter in our glossary . Even from an ethical point of view, i.e. regarding payment and the treatment of workers, the controlled biological cultivation movement does good development work by, for instance, making sure to support health care and school education.
Our mattress covers are all in organic quality.

We will gladly answer any question regarding materials and products. For that, please use our contact form .