Data Safety / Security

Dear Customers.

We try our utmost to offer you a safe and secure purchase in every way possible on the internet.
The term safety includes aspects such as trustworthiness, warranty and reliability. On the other hand, particularly in regards to security of online shopping, aspects such as connection security - for example during transmission of payment data - play an important role.
Safety is provided by us by offering you professional consultation and a high quality consciousness.
Security is provided by us by making sure that our systems are up to date and without vulnerabilities.

Consultation Safety - In terms of customer contact, Neonatura is not oriented toward sales, but toward consultation.
Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, because we were founded to produce outstanding sleeping comfort. You can be sure that we will only recommend products to you that we consider to be the best and / or reasonably priced product for your needs. You decide in your time, whenever and with no pressure ... as soon as you realize that Neonatura offers the best price/performance ratio and the best service. Furthermore, you have the right to return your goods if it isn't to your liking.

Quality Safety - The quality of our protects is of top-priority to us.
Selected materials of the purest natural quality, strictly tested for harmful substances and manufactured with experience in Germany - that is our standard. Each of our products has a purpose and a task.
Each of our products is superior compared to the market, whether in terms of quality or in price.
The usual, legal warranty regulations are, of course, followed, but don't affect our quality. We offer you quality safety that exceeds those by far.

Connection Security - For online orders you should make sure that at least the page on which you enter your payment information is encrypted via SSL.
Whether a page is SSL secured can be seen by the address in the address bar by the https.

We encrypt our entire shop-system so that you can move between product pages and the shopping cart freely.
We are always at the current state of the art in order to offer you the best security possible. Only on encrypted websites you are protected from malicious attacks on your payment information.

Data Security - Your data are also without risk with us since we exclusively use it for the completion of your order. Your data will not be transferred to third parties or otherwise abused. Obviously, service partners that we need in order to complete the contractual relationship are excluded from this. However, they merely receive name (supplier) or delivery address (forwarding service for goods that we don't deliver ourselves). More information on the subject of privacy protection can be found in our privacy statement.
And in regards to advertisement: with us you won't need to turn off a newsletter or similar. We don't send out advertisement e-mails!

If you have questions to one of these points or have special requirements, please give us a shout.

Dietmar Wagner & Team