Horsehair Deluxe

The best-price horse hair & natural rubber mattress - best sleep climate with more stability.

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Horsehair Deluxe

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The bestprice horsehair & natural rubber mattress
- best sleep climate with more stability.

This 100% natural rubber mattress with two extra layers of pure horsehair satisfies in comfort and in price, according to our principle, to create good products at good prices.

The extra firm core (H5 / RG 85) creates a strong foundation and is what makes the horsehair deluxe mattress especially interesting for stomach and back sleepers, even with more body weight.

The 1000g/m² pure horsehair layers on both sides creates aside from high stability also a really active climate, a good climate for sleep.
This is why our horsehair deluxe is especially interesting for people that sweat* a lot.
*(Please also pay attention to the right bedding.)

In addition to a very good price we also offer equally good consultation, free delivery (within germany) and a cash discount of 3%.

The horsehair deluxe mattress is not hard, just considerably firmer and more stable on the surface compared to a completely latex mattress. Good for people between 50kg and up to 100kg.

The cover is also 100% natural, made of organic cotton and extra strong virgin sheep's wool from French open land sheep. In addition, there is a choice of two different cover fabrics, which help determine the firmness as well as the bed climate. (details below)

We fabricate this mattress since 1994, so for about 30 years, back then under the label "Form in Form" and it is the regulars-choice, that our customers buy again and again.

Note: At a width of 120cm we fabricate the mattress with two cores and a continuous case. This way the whole stays 'carryable' and you still have a large mattress, guaranteed without gap!
This model is compatible in height with the Naturlatex Deluxe -17cm - for couples with differing needs.

Horsehair Deluxe

The mattress horsehair deluxe is based on a firm 100% natural rubber core 12cm, RG85/m³, layered on both sides with 1000g/m² horsehair. The core is covered by a light organic cotton jersey (GOTS).
The mattress height is approx. 17cm. The frimness is H5 / extra firm (RG 85) and is best for people up to approx. 100kg - please use stable, non-feathering bed slats to preserve a stable foundation.

For couples with differing needs: This model is compadible with Naturlatex Deluxe -17cm.

On demand and for an extra charge of 60€/m² (90x200 = 108€) we make the core with horse tail hair instead of horsehair.
(Please note this in the commentary field on the order page and wait for a corrected confirmation.)

Horsehair Deluxe

  • Latex core: 12cm (100% natural rubber)
  • Padding: 2x 1000g/m² pure horsehair + 500g/m² sheep wool (in the cover)
  • Firmness: H5 / RG 85 (extra firm)
  • Height with cover: approx. 17cm
  • Weight: approx. 14kg/m²
  • Inner cover: cotton jersey (GOTS)

This mattress is a 100% pure natural product (excluding the zip fastener and sewing threads! :-) exquisite quality ... typial Neonatura!

natural rubber
Cover Organic Jersey

The organic jersey cover is knitted from first-class, heavy double jersey (organic cotton, GOTS) and quilted/lined with our extra puffy French open land virgin wool, for a healthy, well-tempered sleeping climate ... and great comfort. Naturally with all-round zip fastener and turning straps. The inside is fashioned with single-jersey (GOTS).

Cover Organic Satin

In the case of the organic satin cover, the organic cotton cover fabric (kbA, GOTS) is woven in a fine atlas weave, which means it is supple but less stretchy. The adaptability to the body is, therefore, tighter than with the other covers. Quilted with our French open land virgin wool, the mattress has an all-round zip fastener and four straps for ventilation and turning. The inside is worked with single jersey (GOTS).

Organic jersey cover:
  • Upper fabric: 300g/m² cotton double cloth (GOTS)
  • Lining fabric: 70g/m² cotton jersey (GOTS)
  • Climate fleece: 500g/m² French open land virgin wool
  • Style: 4-sided zip fastener,
    4 turning straps
Organic satin cover:
  • Upper fabric: 300g/m² cotton satin drill (GOTS)
  • Lining fabric: 70g/m² cotton jersey (GOTS)
  • Climate fleece: 500g/m² French open land virgin wool
  • Appearance: 4-sided zip fastener,
    4 turning straps


New wool-lined covers are not washable. The auto-hygienic effect of natural wool also makes this unnecessary. A Molleton protector is recommended to keep it clean.

We do not make general recommendations for allergy sufferers. The topic is too complex and too unresolved to do so. First of all, it should be clarified which kind of allergic reactions are present.

In case of house dust allergy we recommend Milbopax (BioNeem) an inexpensive, natural spray that is available in pharmacies. We do not think much of so-called encasings, because they usually affect the sleeping climate and comfort and are mostly made of synthetic materials. We basically believe that as an allergy sufferer/as a particularly sensitive person, you are better off with sensitive, natural materials. There is no scientific proof of this. If you are allergic to synthetic materials, the natural mattress certainly is the right step.

For allergy sufferers who set a great value on washing hygiene, we offer a great solution in our ergoVlex mattresses. Here, the later core, the climate layer, and the outer cover are separate units and the cover can be washed. The climate inlay can be selected from different materials and can also be treated with the above-mentioned spray, for example.

Here is a link to an interesting, comprehensively informative website.

If you have any specific questions about this/your topic, please do not hesitate to call or write to us. We are happy to convey our knowledge, even without a selling intention.