What does a good mattress cost?

People have different sleeping habits and peculiarities. One snores, the other can not power down in the evening and therefore has difficulty falling asleep, the third would prefer to spend at least ten hours in bed. For all of them, the same is true: the quality of the mattress leads to better sleep. So it is important to choose the mattress not only by price but rather to determine the right balance between price and quality. An important aspect is certainly the origin and quality of the materials.

Healthy sleep is essential for health and well-being but high quality does not have to be expensive.

Neonatura mattress material

Generally, the mattress core consists of either foam (cold foam, Visco foam), spring core, or (natural) latex. We can't decide for you which mattress to buy - but we can help you find the right one.

We are specialized in the production of natural latex mattresses. These are characterized by their permanent elasticity and high resilience. This characteristic keeps the body in an optimal position during every move during sleep - the mattress does not bounce but remains still. At the same time, the high point elasticity and adaptability make our natural latex mattresses sturdy and durable.

The latex cores are made of pure natural rubber, wrapped in natural pure cotton and breathable virgin wool. Natural latex, like all our materials, is a renewable resource. In addition, its very long service life also makes it ecologically sustainable and combines the highest sleeping comfort with ecological common sense.

Good does not equal expensive

A mattress is not just a place to sleep. It is much more as one spends about one-third of their life sleeping. That's why it is important to give your mattress the attention it deserves. For restful deep sleep, it is of enormous importance that your body is supported according to your anatomy. Only that way your muscles and spine can optimally recover, and your blood circulation also shuts down into "recovery mode".

In addition to the organic materials listed above, the origin is also important. Our sleeping pads are all " made in Germany" - you can be sure that we produce pollution-free and that your mattress has not undergone any unnecessary delivery channels. Furthermore, the high quality of Neonatura's mattresses also means that they have long durability. Mattresses are replaced after about ten years - ours last far longer.
The symmetrical construction of our natural latex mattresses ensures a constant flawless lying surface, whether you turn or flip the mattress.

With a good mattress, you are ultimately investing in your health. And that's what you need to maintain - with a balanced diet and restful sleep. Neonatura offers high-quality mattresses at fair prices. Take a virtual stroll through our store and find out about our "Natural Latex Deluxe" series, for example. The descriptions will give you a detailed overview of the configurable features. We are also happy to answer any further questions you may have about our products by phone or via the contact form.

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