Latex pillow contour

Very comfortable neck supporting pillow, 100% natural latex.
With a washable protective cover made of 100% organic cotton (GOTS).

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Latex pillow contour

Latex pillow contour – of course, made of 100% natural pure rubber covered by fine organic cotton.

Whether side sleepers, back sleepers, or stomach sleepers, children or adults, this natural latex pillow will satisfy anyone looking for gentle and highly adaptable support for the head and neck, and who may already have experience with cold foam or visco foam pillows.

Only wide-shouldered side sleepers with a firm mattress may complain about the height of the pillow. For them, we recommend the pillow contour extra, which comes in the same material quality with an additional variable 2cm pad..

Information about the Latex pillow contour - Video 1:40 min - Video in German language


  • Width in cover: ca. 73 cm
  • Depth: approx. 35 cm
  • Height: approx. 10-12cm
  • Cover fabric: 100% cotton (GOTS))
  • Core: 100% natural rubber

Please note: the actual pillow dimensions are significantly smaller than the nominal size of the matching pillowcase (depending on height). Due to the bulge, it fills a normal-sized neck support pillowcase so that it can simply be pulled over the pillow.

More about natural latex pillows

Natural latex, the most elastic material we have in the field of cushioning, is known for its point elasticity and adaptability dynamics. Every contour is faithfully taken up and every movement is supported. There is hardly a more pressure-relieving material. This is especially good for sensitive people or sensitive periods. Most people have different sensitivities, sometimes need - for example in headache moments - a particularly soft/gentle support, and at the latest at this point, the latex pillow contour with its gently soft natural latex in the equally delicate organic cotton cover is on the spot. By the way, the cover is washable, as is the entire pillow, which should be especially good for house dust allergy sufferers.

We think that every person should have at least two, preferably different pillows at the bedside, just for the different situations of life ... try it and discover the beneficial effect of mindful self-care.

Besides all the functional aspects of a natural latex pillow, our natural latex pillow contour also is worth paying attention to because of its price. As usual and clearly visible with our natural latex mattresses, also, in this case, we offer the best price for a pillow of this category on the market, so it is always worth it to take a look at the effect of a natural latex pillow in person or by having head contact.

Finally, it should be noted that this pillow with renewable natural latex and the cover made of organic cotton is also ecologically correct, of course. And also its durability is respectable with 6-10 years (depending on sunlight incidence) it is one of the long-lasting natural pillows.