Child mattress

The inexpensive natural latex mattress for children - 90 x 200cm

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Baby- and child mattresses

Analogous to our successful Natural Latex Deluxe series, we also supply the children’s version with organic Jersey cover.
Many parents think that what is good for them, will probably also be good for their child. And they are not that wrong about that, as long as it is a firm, stable mattress, because the child does not put as much weight on the mattress as they do. Children should be lying as firmly as possible, as long as they are small, adaptation is actually not needed from 10+.


Our extra-firm natural latex in the 7,5 cm version is well suited for the child. The firm natural latex in combination with the cover only yields a little at low weight and offers a stable base for the child. The older and heavier the child grows, the more adjustment the mattress will need which the latex will offer.

A great mattress for children from 0-15 years.

Natural Latex Deluxe - 14 cm

Natural Latex Deluxe 14 cm (Delight) - the slim version - also is a purely natural latex mattress with a 12 cm latex core, mattress height: 14 cm, organic version: 15 cm. The firmness is H5/extra firm (RG + 85) and is best suited for people up to a solid 80 kg - depending on the slatted frame. On the highly elastic Ergovlex slatted frame also up to 100 kg. Natural Latex Deluxe 14 cm and make a proven team for a good sleeping system. If you want it fimer, regulate with our climate inlay horsehair, which is placed on one side of the core and thus also gives you two different sides, depending on your mood or condition.

Naturlatex Deluxe - 14cm

  • Latex core: 12cm (made of 100% natural rubber)
  • Strength: H5 / RG +85 (extra strong)
  • Height: 14cm (standard) / 15cm (organic)
  • Weight: approx. 12kg/sqm
  • Inner Cover: cotton jersey (GOTS)

This mattress is a 100% pure Naturprodukt (except for zipper and sewing thread! :-) exquisite quality ... typical Neonatura!

Cover Bio-Satin

With the organic satin cover, the cotton (kbA) cover material is woven in a satin weave , i.e. not stretchable. The adaptation to the body is therefore a little stronger than with the other covers. The cover is also quilted with our French free-range virgin wool , of course also equipped with an all-round zip and reversible flaps. The inside is also made with single jersey (GOTS).

  • Outer fabric: 300g/qm Cotton-Satin-Drell (GOTS)
  • Under fabric: 70g/qm Cotton-Jersey (GOTS)
  • Climate fleece: 500g/qm french Free range virgin wool
  • Style: 4-sided zipper, 4 flaps for turning

To wash

Covers lined with virgin wool fleece are generally not washable . The The hygienic effect of natural wool also makes this unnecessary. To keep it clean is recommended Molton protective cover.