Baby mattress

The thoroughly natural mattress for the first years of life. - 70 x 140 cm
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Baby mattress

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Baby mattress

Our baby mattress from Neonatura includes all the good components of our successful Natural Latex Deluxe series as well as the mattress configurator. All components are strictly tested for harmful substances and certified by the Eco-Environmental Institute.

The core has two lying sides of different strengths, one side made of latexed coconut for the very little ones, especially for the first few months to provide sufficient stability for the young spine, which still has little curvature. The other side is made of our 100 % natural rubber RG 85, i. e. the very firm version that is significantly more supple, but is still firm enough to support spinal development.


The quilted organic jersey cover is cozier and warmer with our robust and hygienic virgin wool from free-roaming French sheep. Alternatively, there is also a washable E-Pur cover made of a particularly voluminous organic cotton double jersey fabric (washable at 60 °C).
Our baby mattress accompanies your child in the first few years until they move to their first larger cot.

Mix-core natural rubber - rubbercocos 8 cm

  • Latex core: 4 cm (100 % natural rubber), the latex core is slightly bigger, to position the mattress in a bedframe without sliding
  • Firmness: extra firm / RG 85
  • Rubbercocos 4 cm, especially firm
  • Height with cover organic jersey: approx. 10 cm; with cover e-pur: approx. 8.5 cm
  • Inner cover: cotton-jersey (GOTS)

This mattress is a 100 % pure natural product (with exception of zipper and thread! :-) of exquisite quality ... typical Neonatura!

natural rubber
Cover organic jersey

The cover organic jersey is knitted from first-class, heavy double jersey (organic cotton, GOTS) and quilted/lined with our extra puffy French open land virgin wool, for a healthy, well-tempered sleeping climate ... and great comfort. The inside is worked with single jersey (GOTS), the mattress has an all-round zip fastener and four grip tabs for ventilation and turning.

Organic jersey cover:
  • Upper fabric: 300 g/m² cotton double cloth(GOTS)
  • Lining fabric: 70 g/m² cotton jersey (GOTS)
  • Climate fleece: 500 g/m² French free-range fleece wool
  • Appearance: 4-sided zipper,
    4 flaps for turning


Fleece wool-lined covers are not washable. The auto-hygienic effect of natural wool also makes this unnecessary. A molton cover is recommended to keep it clean.

Waschbarer Bezug E-Pur

This exceptionally fine double jersey* cover made of 100 % organic cotton (GOTS) convinces with its smooth surface and high elasticity.
*With this high-quality type of fabric, two fine jersey knits are filled with filler threads, also made from organic cotton, which make the fabric very voluminous and easy to grip.

cover E Pure:
  • Upper fabric: 560 g/m² cotton double cloth(GOTS)


Thanks to the all-round zipper, you can remove it and wash it at up to 60 °C.