Sleep System

A sleep system is a combination of a mattress and a slatted frame which complement each other in a way that optimizes the desired effect; in some cases additional products that complement the sleep system are added. The idea behind a sleep system is to optimize the body adjustment through the combination of materials and / or techniques.

The perfect adjustment to the body shape of the sleeper leads to a greater feeling of relief and relaxation.

The Ergovlex natural sleeping system the doubling effect is achieved by having a natural latex mattress on the surface to provide a very fine, punctual adjustment and support and a base that correspondents to the body contour, leading to an additional relief especially in the hip and shoulder areas. This allows for a very nice way to fall asleep for sensitive people, particularly in a side position. Due to the spread of the adjustment to both components, a solid lying stability is ensured despite the soft lying feel. The natural sleep system Ergovlex takes advantage of the perfect elasticity of natural latex, connects it to a cuddly, comfortable cover and to the correlation of special wood slats which in turn rest on natural latex.

Among the variety of sleep systems and particularly among the natural sleep systems of high quality, Ergovlex takes up a top position because of its very inexpensive price.

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ERGOVLEX Sleep System