Natural Latex Deluxe Series


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The best prices ...

These 100% natural rubber latex mattresses are lower priced than all comparable products on the market!

How we do that?

  • · We want it! According to our principle of making good products at good prices.
  • · A very good, straightforward quality that gets to the heart of most people’s needs.
  • · Directly, without intermediate trade — from us to you.

Deluxe Series is equipped with a 100% natural rubber latex core on monozone technology, and a 100% organic cotton cover, quilted with selected wool of french free-range sheeps or austrian merino-sheeps.

The Deluxe Series is available in three versions, with natural rubber latex core (100% rubber polymeres) in 12cm extra firm in the 14cm mattress, 15cm medium in the 17cm mattress, 18cm medium plus in the 20cm mattress, and an organic cover* (details see below)

Besides the low price, we offer the best advice, free delivery and 3% cash discount.

Each of these mattresses offers the sleeping comfort that you can expect from a real natural rubber latex mattress. The super-elastic rubber core gently takes up every contour of your body and the climatizing cover ensures a pleasant sleeping climate. Natural latex, which feels soft thanks to its extraordinary elasticity, has a high density, which can be recognized by its volumetric weight, and thus provides good stability and long durability in addition to the enormous body adaptation. People who are used to spring mattresses appreciate the quiet comfort and those with foam experience, enjoy the noticeable finer elasticity, and better stability of natural latex.

We have set the firmness of this series in the golden mean so that most people are very well bedded. In order to increase the firmness if necessary, we recommend the climate inlay horsehair, which is placed on one side of the core and thus also gives you two different sides, depending on your mood.

„Wie ist die Deluxe Serie von Neonatura aufgebaut und in welcher Stärke kann man den Naturlatexkern wählen? Antworten und Tipps in diesem kurzen Video (2:03)“ (Currently only German)

** From 160cm width (Deluxe -20cm from 140cm width) we supply two latex cores and a continuous cover. So it remains 'wearable' and you still have a large mattress without a gap ... guaranteed!!

Natural Latex Deluxe -17 cm (Deluxe) is a strong natural latex mattress with a 15 cm core of 100% natural latex, mattress height 17 cm. The firmness H3 / medium firm (RG 80) is suitable for almost everyone. If you need more firmness, e.g. as a belly sleeper or because your weight is significantly greater than your partner’s, you can regulate this with the horsehair inset.

Natural Latex Deluxe -14 cm (Delight) the slim version is also a purely natural latex mattress, but with an extra firm 12cm latex core. firmness H5 / firm (RG +85) is best suited for abdominal/back sleepers, children/ teenagers up to approx. 80kg. On the highly elastic Ergovlex slatted frame also up to 100kg. Delight and Ergovlex form a good sleeping system.

Natural Latex Deluxe -20cm (Delicia) the comfort package. A 18 cm thick natural rubber latex core (100%) - that feels a bit like floating. This core is created with special attention because we put it together from three pieces. First, we split the 15 cm core (RG 80) in the middle, then we put a 3 cm natural latex sheet of strength H5 (RG ≥85) in the middle, and connect the three pieces. The result is a core of pleasant, medium strength, high load-bearing capacity, and good stability in the middle, which is especially important for heavier people.
This core is very heavy. This is the price for maximum comfort. Also for heavy people over 100kg. Mattress height: 20 - 21cm
If you need more firmness, e.g. as a belly sleeper or because your weight is significantly greater than your partner's, you can regulate this with the horsehair insert.

Deluxe -17cm
  • Core: 15cm (100% rubber latex)
  • Corecovering: Cotton-Jersey
  • Firmness: H3 (medium), RG 80
  • Mattress: 17 - 18cm
  • Weight: ca. 13,5kg/qm
Deluxe -14cm
  • Core: 12cm (100% rubber latex)
  • Corecovering: Cotton-Jersey
  • Firmness: H5 (firm), RG ≥85
  • Mattress: 15cm
  • Weight: ca. 12kg/qm
Deluxe -20cm
  • Core: 18cm (100% rubber latex)
  • Corecovering: Cotton-Jersey
  • Firmness: H3 (medium plus), RG 82
  • Mattress: 20 - 21cm
  • Weight: ca. 16kg/qm
100% natural

Each of our mattresses is pure natural pure natural (except the zipper and sewing threat :) ... like every produkt at Neonatura.


This content is in process, because all of our cover fabrics are made of organic cotton now.

Cover organic

The organic cover is knitted from first-class, heavy double jersey (organic cotton, GOTS) and quilted/lined with extra strong and fluffy Merino new-woolin Alpenland quality, for a healthy, well-tempered sleeping climate, and excellent comfort. Of course, with an all-round zip and spiral pockets. The inner side of the quilted cover is worked with single jersey (GOTS).

  • Fabric : 300g/qm Organic Cotton Double-Jersey (GOTS)
  • Fabric, underside: 70g/qm Organic Cotton-Jersey (GOTS)
  • Quilting: 500g/qm New wool
  • Applications: 4-sides zipper,
    4 turning-handles


New-wool quilted mattress-covers are generally not washable. The auto-hygienic impact of natural new-wool reduntizes washing, it only needs oxygen.
Keep it clean of stain with Molton-protector.

We do not make general recommendations for allergy sufferers. The topic is too complex and too unresolved to do so. First of all, it should be clarified which kind of allergic reactions are present.

In case of house dust allergy we recommend Milbopax (BioNeem) an inexpensive, natural spray that is available in pharmacies. We do not think much of so-called encasings, because they usually affect the sleeping climate and comfort and are mostly made of synthetic materials. We basically believe that as an allergy sufferer/as a particularly sensitive person, you are better off with sensitive, natural materials. There is no scientific proof of this. If you are allergic to synthetic materials, the natural mattress certainly is the right step.

For allergy sufferers who set a great value on washing hygiene, we offer a great solution in our ergoVlex mattresses. Here, the later core, the climate layer, and the outer cover are separate units and the cover can be washed. The climate inlay can be selected from different materials and can also be treated with the above-mentioned spray, for example.

Here is a link to an interesting, comprehensively informative website.

If you have any specific questions about this/your topic, please do not hesitate to call or write to us. We are happy to convey our knowledge, even without a selling intention.