Moosburger Horsehair Mattress

Original Moosburger® horsehair mattress with 100% pure, extra fine horsehair in unparalleled quality.
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Moosburger Horsehair Mattress

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Moosburger horse hair mattress Biocen O-RS 3/3

The original Moosburger® Horsehair mattress is a classic 3-part tail hair mattress with cushion system. Inside the mattress is divided into chambers, which contain the horsehair filled cushion. Zippers on both sides of the mattress allow access to the inside. By exchanging the individual pillows from the middle area to the head and foot area, the hair has the possibility to regenerate. This considerably prolongs the useful life of the mattress, as does occasional airing. It also allows washing the individual pillows.
Due to the unique material quality and the fine craftsmanship, such a Moosburger®mattress an almost unlimited lifetime.

We offer you the 11cm thick full mattress, the 7cm version can be ordered on request. For this purpose we recommend to put a horsehair topper on top, which creates smooth adjustment.

  • Height: 11cm
  • Filling: 100% horse tail hair
  • Cover: 100% Organic Cotton, kba
  • The filling is washable pillow-wise.
  • Replacing the cushions extends the period of use.
  • This mattress develops its effect optimally on the original Moosburger®Suspension.